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There is at least one single moment in everbody's life when they ask themselves the most essential question relating to their orgin:
Who am I
? However, there are questions, and the above is by all means among them, whose understanding is not facilitated by answering them
but by outgrowing them. If we step out of the delusion of enclosedness evoked by the question, we try to reinterpret it in a higher order.
This is how the closest possible answer to the question of our identity will be living the present to the fullest. Presence.

The values assisting in understanding myself have significance beyond me. They signify the aim towards and beyond which
the spiritual being aspires. This Beyondness is necessary as things can only become values in my personal life in relation to it.
Man can become man only in relation to this Beyondness. Since if s/he has no centre, s/he can have only fragments.
The centreless collection of fragments is not whole, it is not wholeness.