Rodin szoborIn the course of one evening, we can lead a maximum of thirty Wanderers through our performances. The first Wanderer is lead in at 6 o’clock p.m., and the last one enters the performance at around 8.30. We lead in a new Wanderer every five minutes, to start their „journey” of approximately 30 minutes. As we pay special and personal attention to each and every Wanderer, we can only receive Wandrers after prior registration. Thus, the entire theatre experience take about 90 minutes for every Wanderer. The parts of a performance are as follows:

Tune up

After the Wanderer has arrived at the location, he or she is tuned onto the perfomance in a silent room suitable for this purpose. This stage is aimed at leading the Wanderer from his / her arrival to the introduction itself.


After this, the Wanderer is blindforlded in the hallway of the theatre, and thus the journey begins. We take care of each and every Wanderer, and always make them aware that should they have any unpleasant feelings, they can signal or tell us at any point of the performance, and we immeadiately lead them out of the performance.

The Stages

The stages are the scenes of the performance, where the story is dramatized. The Ferrymen help or lead the Wanderers through these stages, or talk to them, depending on the message of the given play


The performance is closed by this stage, the curve of the performance comes to rest here. Here the Ferryman takes off the kerchief and welcomes the Wanderer.


After the Lead-out stage, we provide the Wandrer with the possibility to meditate on what has happened in the Quiet Room. If they wish, they can also share their experiances in the Presence Room, helped by one of our Ferrymen. Since feedback from our guests is very important to us, they can write their impressions into our Wanderers’s Book. Of course, these are possibilities that Wanderes are only supposed to use if they wish to.