Our Dear Art Sponsor-to-be!

AblakSince this is a theatre form which ctreates a personal and homely atmosphere, we would not like to break this atmosphere by selling tickets to our performances. Thus, our performances are free of charge, we give our guest virual tickets for specific times. However, we accept Your generous donations if You wish to support the maintenance of the Theatre Company and the frequency of our performances in Debrecen.

You can practise sponsorhip in three ways.
The first way is to provide voluntary donations, which You can place in our donation box when leaving our performances. The second way is the purposive support of the „Jelenlét Műhely” Association at the bank account number below:


If this genre has awaken Your interest in such a way that you would like to become our permanent supporter, please write to us at the email address below and we will contact You personally:

With the help of Your generous donation we might attain our aim to make the treasure of the  Invisible Theatre genre a known and legitimate alternative theatre form in our city and to lead more and more Wanderers on their own inner journey even if just for a little while.