The Invisible Theatre of Debrecen

The Debrecen Company was founded in 2005 by Zsolt László Mézes, who had approximately 5 year’s experience of ferrymanship at the time. The Spirituality and Art Concept of the Theatre involves the special features of the original Invisible Theatre genre, making an attempt to deepen and expand those in the spriritual aspects of leading inwards and upwards. We perform our own plays, and in 2008 the situation was right for us to make this new genre known to the wider public of Debrecen, in the framework of „Jelenlét Műhely”. Our theatre does not have a permanent location yet. Our performances take place in the Lutheran Community House (3 Miklós Street) or in the Megtestesülés Plébánia in Debrecen. Our aim is to make this treasure a known and legitimate alternative theatre form with regular performances in Debrecen. To attain this aim, we are looking for generous donators.

Our ferrymen are:

  • Zsolt László Mézes
  • Berta Bakai
  • Mónika Bíró
  • Anna Fekete
  • Ági Fekete
  • Norbert Juhász
  • Ági Kassai
  • Judit Koncz
  • Zsófia Lieli
  • Zsuzsanna Lieli
  • Judit Ménesné Óvári
  • Kata Nagy
  • Eszter Papp
  • Levente Péter Tóth
  • Anita Stiegelmayer
  • Andrea Telek
  • Ildikó Tornai